Born and raised in Central Massachusetts, Adam grew up around fantastic food and baked goods. His early interest in the culinary field can be attributed to his mother, whom Adam continuously studied as she worked her magic in the family kitchen, helping where he could.

During the final two years of his high school education, Adam obtained a job at a popular local steak and seafood restaurant, where he worked hard to advance through the different stations in the kitchen. Although this job taught him some of the basics used in everyday food preparation and presentation, Adam knew that there was more to pursue in the vast realm of his chosen career. Upon graduating high school, Adam was interested in furthering his education in the beloved culinary arts. After looking at a myriad of options, Adam decided to enroll at the esteemed New England Culinary Institute located in the rolling green mountains of Montpelier, Vermont.
Following the first few days of hands on training, Adam knew he had uncovered an indispensable wealth of knowledge and over the next two years soaked up as much information and technique as was available to him.

Adam spent two six-month internships working in Boston at the prestigious Boston College Club for Executive Chef Billy Della Ventura, who became a valuable mentor. Chef Della Ventura constantly strived for perfection and further instilled a growing sense of love and respect for the culinary arts. Adam graduated from New England Culinary Institute in June of 1999 and received the Graduation Speaker Scholarship Award for exemplary performance in skills and professional work ethic during his tenure.

Adam’s love for the mountains led him to Aspen, Colorado. Adam was hired for the position of Sous Chef at Pinons, an established contemporary French and American restaurant. Here he created specials on a nightly basis that would awe the all-star clientele such as Mariah Carey, George Carlin, and Jack Nicholson, to name a few. Pinons received the highest rating awarded by Zagat’s during the years Adam held the position.

After working for two years at Pinons, Adam sought other employment and was offered a job as Rounds Chef at Cache Cache, another one of Aspen’s famed restaurants. Here he worked side by side with Executive Chef Chris Lanter and Sous Chef Nate King in creating delicious fare.

Adam craved a more personal relationship with the people who enjoyed his cooking. Therefore, he pursued a job with European Caterers. Working under Swiss trained Chef and owner Robert Suter and Chef Steve McKenney, Adam took advantage of the opportunity to execute extravagant dinner parties, weddings and the like. After working for European Caterers for a year and a half, Adam knew he had found his calling, and a personal chef business was born.

Today, Adam enjoys employing himself as a personal chef for families and individuals who want to have incredible food prepared for them in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. In his spare time Adam relishes exploring new tastes and flavors, food theory, and food science.
Adam Mosher - Personal Chef
© 2004 Adam Mosher

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